Reaction apparatus



<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a reaction apparatus for a fuel cell system, in which the thermal radiation between the adjacent reaction parts having different chemical reaction temperatures is decreased, and which can be small-sized, while securing a chemical reaction at the suitable temperature in each of the adjacent reaction parts. <P>SOLUTION: The thermal radiation from a high temperature part to a low temperature part is decreased by arranging a low thermal-radiation member constituted of a material having low thermal emissivity between a reformation part, which is obtained by combining a plurality of substrates on each of which a plurality of minute through-pores are formed in the thickness direction, and a carbon monoxide removal part which is obtained by combining a plurality of substrates in the same manner as the reformation part is obtained and the chemical reaction temperature of which is different from that of the reformation part. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2006,JPO&NCIPI
【課題】燃料電池システムの反応装置において、化学反応温度が異なり近接する反応部同士の間の熱輻射を低減させそれぞれの反応部に好適な温度での化学反応を担保しつつ反応装置の小型化を図る。 【解決手段】 厚さ方向に複数の微細貫通孔が形成された基板を複数組み合わせてなる改質部と、前記改質部と同様に前記基板を複数組み合わせてなり化学反応温度が異なる一酸化炭素除去部との間に、率が低い材料からなる低輻射部材を配設し高温部から低温部に対する熱の輻射を低減させる。 【選択図】図1




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