Appareil de reformage de carburant, procédé de commande dudit appareil et système de pile à combustible doté dudit appareil

A fuel reforming apparatus, a method of driving said apparatus and a fuel cell system including said apparatus

Brennstoffumwandlungsvorrichtung, Verfahren zum Betreiben dieser Vorrichtung und Brennstoffzellensystem mit dieser Vorrichtung


A fuel reforming apparatus includes an oxidation reaction unit in which an oxidation catalyst is formed, a reforming reaction unit in which a reforming catalyst is formed, and an ignition unit for igniting a hydrocarbon-containing fuel and an oxidant and preheating the oxidation catalyst in an early driving stage. The oxidation reaction unit has a first section and a second section respectively formed opposite to each other with the oxidation catalyst interposed therebetween and forms a stream of the fuel and the oxidant flowing to the second section through the oxidation catalyst from the first section, the ignition unit being located in the second section.




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