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US-2007031987-A1: Method of operating image sensor patent, US-2010018755-A1: Anisotropic conductive tape and method of manufacturing it, connected structure and method of connecting circuit member by use of the tape patent, US-2005272120-A1: Compositions and methods for the diagnosis and treatment of tumor patent, US-2007180566-A1: Plants and seeds of variety i180421 patent, US-2007221910-A1: Intermediate Layer in Electroluminescent Arrangements and Electroluminescent Arrrangement patent, US-2003215751-A1: Method of removing resist using functional water and device therefor patent, US-2003219667-A1: Static latent image developing toner, developer and image forming method patent, US-2005074847-A1: Human prostaglandin EP1 receptor variants and methods of using same patent, US-2005158021-A1: Recording / reproducing apparatus, and copy method patent, US-2006046523-A1: Facilitating removal of sacrificial layers to form replacement metal gates patent, US-2006142264-A1: Novel amide derivatives patent, US-2004038159-A1: Silver halide photographic material patent, US-2004047280-A1: Optical disk patent, US-2004154222-A1: Fuel processor primary reactor and combustor startup via electrically-heated catalyst patent, US-2005054052-A1: Modified interferon beta with reduced immunogenicity patent, US-2006024961-A1: Interlevel dielectric layer and metal layer sealing patent, US-2007270336-A1: Method for accelerating cutaneous barrier recovery patent, US-2008211930-A1: Intelligent Rapid Camera patent, US-2009042823-A1: Uses of broad spectrum rnai therapeutics against influenza patent, US-2009148495-A1: Optimum Density Fibrous Matrix patent, US-2004090742-A1: Portable computer and method patent, US-2004142421-A1: Pacemake ion channel proteins and uses thereof patent, US-2004157465-A1: Method for manufacturing an electronic device including removing a resist mask used in etching a substrate by ashing patent, US-2005095823-A1: Method of forming a polycrystalline silicon layer patent, US-2005105421-A1: Device, record carrier and method for recording information patent, US-2005168838-A1: Actuator for mobile optical recording/reproducing apparatus patent, US-2005223023-A1: Generating pages suitable for viewing over the internet patent, US-2006119118-A1: Suction nozzle, and component mounting method and apparatus using the same patent, US-2006148219-A1: Method for photomask processing patent, US-2006244361-A1: Vertical type nanotube semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2008300343-A1: Comb Polymers and Their Use as Additives for Preparations of Mineral Binders patent, US-2008317662-A1: Molten Salts, Method of Their Production and Process for Generating Hydrogen Peroxide patent, US-2009023741-A1: Aryl/hetarylamides as modulators of the ep2 receptor patent, US-2009149364-A1: Particle Removal Cleaning Method and Composition patent, US-2009295310-A1: Dual head inspection lamp patent, US-2004047604-A1: Recording medium having data structure for managing reproduction of a data stream having a packet encoding time stamp recorded thereon and recording and reproducing methods and apparatuses patent, US-2004060809-A1: Method for the production of phthalic anhydride to a specification patent, US-2004152226-A1: Method for fabricating a light-emitting device based on a gallium nitride-based compound semiconductor, and light-emitting device based on a gallium nitride-based compound semiconductor patent, US-2005099684-A1: Telescope main body and spotting scope patent, US-2005118396-A1: Methods of manufacturing substrates patent, US-2005122534-A1: Ejection control of quality-enhancing ink patent, US-2009162712-A1: Fuel cell patent, US-2010007827-A1: Wire-grid polarizer, method for producing the wire-grid polarizer, retardation film and liquid crystal display device using the retardation film patent, US-2006257689-A1: Tool and method for the chemical vapor deposition of a two-phase layer on a substrate member patent, US-2007048829-A1: Growth factor homolog zvegf4 patent, US-2007094745-A1: Cotton cultivar DP 164 B2RF patent, US-2008113451-A1: Method of Labeling with Use of Rare Earth Fluorescent Complex and Method of Analyzing and Detecting patent, US-2005147033-A1: Method of controlling data flow for a media player system patent, US-2005164493-A1: Shared contact for high-density memory cell design patent, US-2006046496-A1: Method and apparatus for etching material layers with high uniformity of a lateral etch rate across a substrate patent, US-2006199366-A1: Reduced dry etching lag patent, US-2008234882-A1: Method and device to assist in the piloting of an aircraft in a landing phase patent, US-2009175934-A1: Extended Release Pharmaceutical Formulation of Venlafaxine and Method of Manufacturing the Same patent, US-2009176015-A1: Antireflection structure formation method and antireflection structure patent, US-2003169667-A1: Recording and playback apparatus and optical head patent, US-2004089627-A1: Tamper-evident closure with break-off piece retention patent, US-2004146989-A1: Interferon tau compositions and methods of use patent, US-2004157786-A1: Antitumor combinations containing taxane derivatives and platinum coordination complexes patent, US-2007010724-A1: Apparatus and system for collection and storage of vital signs medical information and methods related thereto patent, US-2008127045-A1: Multiple-developer architecture for facilitating the localization of software applications patent, US-2008181769-A1: Tone noise reduction in turbomachines patent, US-2008280328-A1: Glucoamylase Variants patent, US-2009007772-A1: Working Machine, and Quick Load-Dropping Method patent, US-2004254327-A1: Monomers containing at least one biaryl unit and polymers and derivatives prepared therefrom patent, US-2006233008-A1: Solid-state image-sensing device patent, US-2008149979-A1: Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same patent, US-2004003693-A1: Slitter for an electrode raw material sheet and the slitting process patent, US-2005147856-A1: Reforming system for a fuel cell patent, US-2005253253-A1: High electrical performance semiconductor package patent, US-2006235385-A1: Low profile polyaxial screw patent, US-2006247391-A1: Epoxy resin composition and semiconductor apparatus patent, US-2006270765-A1: Novel stabilizer system for halogenous polymers patent, US-2007132070-A1: Microstrip spacer for stacked chip scale packages, methods of making same, methods of operating same, and systems containing same patent, US-2008068469-A1: Image reproducing apparatus, image reproducing method, and computer-readable storage medium patent, US-2004096718-A1: Proton membrane fuel cells patent, US-2007171266-A1: Recording liquids patent, US-2008066519-A1: Dockable trolley for vehicle frame-straightening bench patent, US-2008163840-A1: Method of operating glow plugs in diesel engines patent, US-2008278564-A1: Record Carrier and Method of Recording an Image patent, US-2004020053-A1: Safety razors patent, US-2005172324-A1: Method and system for embedding messages within HTTP patent, US-2007279252-A1: Device and method for determining the sensor position of sensor units of a driver assistance system patent, US-2008003462-A1: Digital logic control DC-to-DC converter with controlled input voltage and controlled power output patent, US-2008090859-A1: Use of Selective Opiate Receptor Modulators In the Treatment Of Neuropathy patent, US-2004073675-A1: Computer system using a storage area network and method of handling data in the computer system patent, US-2005255360-A1: Electrorheological design and manufacturing method for proton transport membranes and bipolar plates patent, US-2006245214-A1: Liquid crystal display having heat dissipation device patent, US-2007092208-A1: Information playback system using storage information medium patent, US-2009263639-A1: Light activatable polyimide compositions for receiving selective metalization, and methods and compositions related thereto patent, US-2004023438-A1: Semiconductor package with a chip connected to a wiring substrate using bump electrodes and underfilled with sealing resin patent, US-2005277227-A1: Chip scale package with open substrate patent, US-2006019887-A1: Compositions and methods for the prevention or treatment of cancer and bone loss associated with cancer patent, US-2009294877-A1: Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2007082399-A1: Compositions and method for stable isotope labelling of biological compounds patent, US-2008068380-A1: Customized wall map printing system patent, US-2010018988-A1: Fluid-containing system with inclined sleeve patent, US-2008168486-A1: IPTV receiver and method for controlling contents viewing in the IPTV receiver patent, US-2008173950-A1: Structure and Method of Fabricating Electrical Structure Having Improved Charge Mobility patent, US-2004220855-A1: Advertising management method and system using egg labelling patent, US-2005080318-A1: Multi-functional video scope patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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